Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chapter One

Well, here we begin, I suppose.
Even though knew little or nothing about this whole blogging business, it did look fun, and some friends had a point...why not?
It wasn’t too long ago, on a voice call on the all-important Skype (which is an absolutely necessary program for any Collegeplus! Student with half a life), when the prayer group had just ended that one friend mentioned after the talk died down a bit, “You should really get a blog too, Alex!”
I grinned. “Hmmm, perhaps.” I think I replied, or something like that. This particular friend was a serious blogger person for that matter, something I wasn’t. The most I’d seen of them was looking over my mom’s shoulder at the massive blogging chains that many housewife, godly ladies strung together across the World Wide Web.
But she had a good point. Why not?
And so, here we go. Might as well, eh? I have nothing to lose.
For the start, you could say I’m a student, a homeschooled, home-colleged student living in some unknown, country region of North Carolina. Though little or nothing of real interest happens here, as far as such things go, here I’ll give those poor readers who really want to hear it a little glimpse of the life of one, humble, unimportant Servant-in-training, one of the lowlier Sons of God, but one nonetheless. I’m a bit of a fiction writer too, as a hobby, (for proof, look here: ) and so I’m used to writing stories of epic, greatness, Light, Darkness, God, Satan, and other things in the imagination, people and places I can bring to life...sort of.
It did occur to me, though, when the thought stuck in my mind and I went to bed shortly after that Skype call...I really had never tried to write any other kind. The epics in my mind were always what I loved to write about, heroes, villains, fantasies and adventures...naturally, the stories everyone loved to hear. No one wanted to hear about my pitiful little life. Even for most, it really wasn’t much of one.
But then there’s more than one kind of adventure story, isn’t there? And certainly more than one kind of good story to be written.
Perhaps mine isn’t the best thing of all to write about, of all the stories of people I could write, but...instead just think. If that’s the case, everyone has their own story, novel, adventures and trials. Especially those who claim to believe in God, and more still, the Son of God. For lack of a better then...I’ll record my own. Bits and pieces.

Got up abruptly at 8:30 AM that morning. Turned off the alarm. Went back to bed for almost another hour, to my disgust. Already an hour late for the daily routine, and nearly forgot about my early morning Scripture reading as I waited for breakfast and did the morning chores. Even then, my stopping a few minutes to read over and think on Revelation 2 wasn’t as good and worshipful as it could’ve been.
Let’s see, I attacked the books at about 10 AM, again disgusted with the lateness of the hour…somehow I got most all finished by 12:30, surprise surprise. Feeling a little better I decided to skip break and move straight on to Bible Study for the afternoon.
As I returned from noonday meal and walked quickly into my room, I glanced over it quickly. It was dark outside, a gray sheet of dreary clouds hung over the sky outside, barely lighting my little living space. As I switched on the light, I took it in for about the hundred thousandth time. The bed pushed off in the corner. My makeshift office/desk, where computers and jumbled papers were all over the table and bed and floor besides.
“This sleeping in late and staying up late will have to stop.” I muttered.
Not even wanting to look at the wretched “REA College Math Study Guide” on the desk, I reached for the next audio CD on the holder rack, quickly popped it into the makeshift computer by the bed (this is no laptop, tower and all mounted right beside it), and grabbed my Bible and notebook. At least for a while I could slow up and study a little Scripture...something I should be doing more of, I noted to myself with a wry smile.
Hopping back onto the bed and listening as the voice of Pastor Tim Dayne* came on, speaking on...Timothy 3:6, I believe...I sighed and laid back.
It didn’t take long for my thoughts to begin to wander. Already planning out a few chapter outlines I should’ve done the former night and generally resting instead of paying attention. A sad fact of my life is that I really don’t wake up fully until about noon, anyways, though I can (with some serious effort) drag myself up at 8 AM, half dead. I’m definitely no morning person. Even now I lay half napping through the Bible Study I should’ve been paying attention to.
In the next room, I could hear Mom still banging about in the kitchen. I smiled. Another mouse, probably. Being hunted down by her assortment of traps and cleaners. Dad wouldn’t be home for a while yet, and my sister, no doubt, was probably reading in another room. Life as usual.
I was almost tempted to ask ‘where did it end?’ Life as usual wasn’t too impressive, and probably wouldn’t be for at least another six months.
“Ach Father...” He murmured more to myself than to Him, “Still so much work left...most of which seems pretty pointless!” I sighed inwardly. I’d been through this before. The audio CD went on, the pastor’s voice still going on about the qualities required in a church overseer. “Its almost like I’m being held back...nothing new, learning old knowledge over again, a life that doesn’t seem to benefit anyone but myself...its tiring.”
Translated, I was complaining. Yes, I was tired of it. But thankfully a Scripture came to mind...

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'" -Matthew 25:23

This made me open my eyes as I lay chillaxing on the bed, the audio study still going. Inwardly I knew it was right.
Of course, naturally! God doesn’t just throw His servants into the middle of the fray just because they feel they’re ready to! I deserved that. If I was here growing tired and uninterested in this piddling little bit of work He had set before me now, how could He expect me to deal with anything higher later on? What kind of servant would I be if I complained this...oh, let’s say managing my own finances wasn’t enough, was too uninteresting, not as much as I could be doing, if He had plans for me to manage an entire business company one day? I’d better get used to this now, and enough being ‘tired.’
I smiled to myself as I did enough of the study for that afternoon, and put it back on its rack. As always, He was right. Furthermore I had needed that. I murmured a inward ‘thank you’ for it as I went on.
What was next? Ah, yes…piano practice.


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  4. That whole "staying up too late and getting up too late" is something I struggle with too.


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