Friday, January 8, 2010

How Far Have We Fallen?

How can it be? Where did we go wrong? And most can be correct it?
As I was checking my email today, the usual ten minute break, perhaps longer, between school phases that I use to check online business of various kinds, from email to forums...I caught a glimpse of a few news headlines. They were the usual thing I had become accustomed to seeing, things such as, "Economy loses another 85K jobs," "Homosexual marriage in a church in CA last night," "Pro-life gatherings protest to 20K abortions in on month..."
I grimly read through them, until I came across one in particular that caught my eye...
"Church in CO burned in a dispute over doctrine."
I froze. God help us, what evil was this? As I read through the horrid news in which a church and another supposedly 'Christian' cult had come to hostile actions against one another over the heresies involved, the church had been burned to the ground.
I was sickened, sitting back in my chair with a mixture of despair at the mess and a very, very strong, growing sense of wrath inside me.
This was just yet another failure of God's Church! In the Name of Creation, how much further still would we go!
People around me speak of evil issues of the culture today...the abortions, the homosexual rights, the criminal treatment of believers and injustice practiced to honest persons today...even the greed and lust for money that drives the prices of fuel higher and higher, month after month. So much evil, pain, lust and was all failing.
Now, as far as social and cultural issues are concerned, I'm not angry. Saddened, yes, but not angry. The issues of fallen man dealing with himself is one thing...but the Church?! The Church of God!? It is each of our responsibility to keep our own Bride of Christ cleansed, just and pure, and...look!
For one thing, these abortions, the homosexuality, the other wretched evils of today...we have organizations, groups, and peaceful opposers who stand up before these problems and try to stop them. From silent protest to legislation, all of these painfully slow answers try to fix these problems, while our own innocent CHILDREN are slain by hundreds, and humans fall to even LOWER levels of corruption with their twisted lusts! It this going to FIX the problem? NO!
Why do I say that? Well, does anyone remember the "Health Care Bill?"
It failed. Twice, in each house, that piece of legislation that was a major thrust for the pro-choice party, a major evil, failed twice on the floor. But what happened? Was it victory for us? No, not at all. Rather, it was slightly edited, made a little less 'offensive' to the anti-choice movement, and behold! It passes, with flying colors!
Can one honestly think that all this legislation, these organizations and plans (with I'm sure very good intentions and beliefs), are really fighting the problem? If we pass a bill for good, they fail it. If we try to stop the cultural rights of a perverted party, they use force to quiet us, and even form their own so-called 'churches!' The sheer NERVE of it! We have the best governmental and cultural system on earth, but good government isn't possible without good people. We can stop them left and right, but to no avail...they just keep coming, in greater numbers and using more evil methods than Christians dare use to corrupt the nation even further...what good does it do? We cannot stop the country from its evil if the people themselves aren't interested! The lives of the children, the twisted minds of men (and women) in do we expect to ever fully combat it why all the people, the very Church itself, is corrupted with such evils!
America is dying because its people turned from God. That is the true problem, the mother of all the other problems. The slaying of children would not be an issue if people valued life like they should, and neither would men in power cheat and steal, lie and sometimes kill if they feared God and knew His salvation. The people have turned from God, and it any wonder? Of course, naturally, they will go as low as they can! A good country is not possible without good people to fill it. As long as the very people themselves are lost, it will never end.
What then am I saying, you ask? Maybe this is true, what's your point Alex? Shall we go on a massive evangelizing mission and save all of America? Not necessarily. Here's the irony of it all:
82% of all Americans ARE Christian! That's right, by survey, 82 people out of a hundred in America CLAIM TO BE SAVED! That's the biggest lie of the decade! I would be surprised, humble though I may be, to see 10 out of a 100!
Do you see what I see, now? Perhaps America itself is corrupt for an even deeper reason...perhaps the people turned from God, yes, in part, but...perhaps the Church never showed them God to begin with. Do you see what I say? Shall we evangelize out own "Church," which supposedly is 82% of America anyway? Not in the least!
Thus, I have to come to the dark answer...the very Church itself is as corrupted as America is. No wonder the people turn from God, when the very Church they all look to for morality, spirituality, and reason has stopped teaching TRUTH. Partly, yes, men could hear truth all day long and STILL turn from God, but is that the case with so many? What is a frightening thing to think about is that the vast majority of this 82% that claims salvation isn't even saved! Yet they attend church! Listen to all manner of talk on God, Jesus, the Bible, and other issues...! Don't they?
They do not.
I am fast growing under the impression that America has fallen, because the church and teaching of God, which is the only true moral foundation anyway, has also fallen. Obviously the Bible and the Church are the only true foundations for morality and salvation...thus, without them, is it any wonder everyone turns from God? No wonder at all! Even though some may deny it, Christianity is the heart of our nation! Think of all the GOOD and saving GRACE we could spread and do, if we only taught truth once more to this vast majority who claims salvation anyway!
Allow me to look at it this way. What is the church? The buildings you see? The pulpit and sermon? Partly, yes, but not its heart...the people are its heart, of course. Why are they now fallen to, as far as any unbeliever? Because we have stopped teaching truth in our pulpits even in our own churches! We teach what we please, now, the church is merely a profession! Pastors preach on social issues, culture, elders discuss movements like anti-choice and anti-injustice movements, but we neglect the very heart of Scripture! Where is the Bible, the Word of God, the WHOLE Word of God, and ONLY the Word of God, taught today? SHOW ME!
It is gone.
Now, the church has sunk even further. "Same-sex marriage" churches grow, "Jehovah's Witness" and Mormon churches thrive, daring to call themselves "Christian," and worse...even now, political leaders are worshiped in the House of God! BLASPHEMY! What evil, what absolute NERVE, do our own "Christian brothers" have in DOING such a thing? God has KILLED men in the past for such blasphemy!
America is dead to God, to morals. Why? The church it looked to, spiritually and thus morally, has also stopped teaching the Bible, truth, and God, and now teaches anything but. It is just as corrupt as the nation.
However, there is one thing alone that angers me in the difference of the two...the nation is man's. The Church is God's. And we have let it grow corrupt. GOD'S OWN CHURCH! Think what He has done for us, and then LOOK at His Bride He loves!
What have we done?

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