Monday, February 8, 2010


As I lay here lazily on my bed, I'm looking at a tab entitled "Random Thoughts From India." On that tab, is a blog. There on that blog, apparently, a tag game has worked its way across goodness knows how much of the vast, unknown lands of the World Wide Web, a game in which eight lucky winners were 'tagged' to continue the game.
...Exactly. You guessed it. Guess who was on that list?

Well, well, I know...since I've been horribly behind on posting and worse still, horribly lacking decent material of interest to post, and since I'm looking for an excuse not to get to my 1st Timothy Bible studies at this time, why not? It looks fun enough, I have to say. Though that doesn't take much...the word 'book' probably did the trick I'm thinking.
For reference, there's the link. I think I made place three of eight.
Evidence Here.

Hmmm...lemme see then. The rules were...
1) List eight stories you'd like to live on for two weeks. (goodness, do you really want to know?)
2) Tag 8 other bloggers to do the same. (mehtinks Alex might just skip that rule...I don't know eight bloggers. I barely know five.)
3) Comment on the blog and let them know they've been tagged. (Hmm...well if I do come up with some victims, perhaps not eight, I might do that...)

Oh deary me, only EIGHT?! Well, here we go then:

1) Maghfelven, from "The Black Gate" (well what did you expect, pray?)
2) The Continent from "The Stone Crown" series. (naturally)
3) Hmm...Middle-Earth is always cool.
5) Gotham - The Dark Knight (WELL you said any story, right?)
6) Hyrule, all the way! HYRULE! The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess ALL THE WAY!
7) The Story of the Second World War (one of the best)
8) And finally...VEGGIETALES!! (no, ok...actually I was thinking "The Dark Amaras" or something)

...You see, one of the benefits of being a story writer is that I can come up with them on the really worked out this time.
Actually, on second thought, move 8. "The Dark Amaras" up to number 1. For the moment.
Farewell, Countess. (bows)


  1. I think I was tagged as well. Let me go and give my list of 8...

  2. That's not even fair Alex ... you get to pick places that you made up yourself. ;)

  3. Aww, well you didn't specify that. :D Shall I change it?


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