Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Mini Post

All I've got for ya is one single song, ladies and gents!
I found this song this morning while poking around in some Superchick albums and was instantly addicted. And I have to share it! This is like the coolest, most totally awesome song ever and I'm pretty sure I'll be listening to it on non-stop repeat until next week at least.

A beautiful, inspiring song. And interestingly, what happens when one of the greatest Christian rappers meets the singer from Superchick. Enjoyz!


  1. Now that is an interesting song! Thanks for the highlight.

  2. Np! If you enjoyed that, go look up KJ-52 on Grooveshark. One of the best Christians rappers I've heard. And one rather interesting dude. :D

  3. Great lyrics. Thanks for sharing!



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