Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tall Tale Of Carlyle

Once in a land of dragons and dames,
a land of much life, and few video games,
there was a kingdom, great and strong,
where humans lived, yes, for good or wrong.

And to the point, in this land of olde
there was a man. The tale is told,
of such a one, a lesser knight
who lived by goodness, wisdom, and might.

He had a castle, he had a dog,
and more oft than not he had a hog
upon his table or in his house
in short, yes reader…a rich, strong man
of great standing among his clan,
all lived richly with him…even his mouse!

However, this knight, indeed lacked one thing
to make his life whole, full of meaning.
Sadly he missed a great part of life,
for to his dismay, he lacked a wife
to make his castle a home.

This good knight, Carlyle by name,
could thus hardly believe his luck
when he heard tell of a lady of fame;
a lady apparently now run amuck
and taken a wrong turn upon the road,
thus finding instead, a dragon’s abode.

You can imagine, good reader, the stress
not to mention her condition of dress
of this poor lady, now captive held
by a beast who did often, iron weld
together the swords of those he quelled.

Carlyle quickly set to his task,
gathering sword and battle mask.
He, bent on freeing a poor lady soul
with dreams and thoughts of wedding bells,
and fame for slaying our Dragon, so cruel.

And so, dear friends, buying ring with care
our man Carlyle set out for the dragon’s lair
with thoughts of gorgeous princess, light and fair
to decorate his castle, and perhaps let it air
only stopping once, to secure the cake
and have it sent home, post-haste
should romance take to air amid dragon blood.

Lo, the arrival of proportions untold!
As Carlyle arrived, confident and bold
knocking upon the door of our dragon’s lair,
to win his prize, a lady fair.

“Come forth, you lout!” He shouted aloud,
and to his mild surprise, a roar within
confirmed his luck: Yes! The dragon, proud
furious and red, to fire akin.
Perhaps a lady’s cry behind the monster’s rage?
A true sound, or merely giddy knight’s mirage?

At any rate, the duel raged
and lo and behold, our man rampaged
with zeal hacking up dragon’s tail
until poor dragon could but flop and flail
and eventually made his powerful foe
an offer: Mercy! He would bestow
the lady upon Carlyle, won just and fair
in exchange for a dragon’s life and wear.

To this, of course, our knight agreed,
(and even returned the dragon’s tail!)
and thus fair lady was hurriedly freed
behold: sometimes the knight does prevail!

Imagine then, our knight’s dismay
when into the dawning light of day
there stepped his princess, fought and claimed:
Though not what was oft beauty named,
a damsel, yes, but hardly lightning
what Disney Kingdom calls not shining;
a homely girl, tall and plain
awkward, with spots, and a tangled mane.

She was no stunning jewel, sadly enough
her face was scarred, her voice was rough
a little limp made her walking tough
her ears so big, she used a muff!

What then did our man Carlyle see?
This awkward, homely, rough girl, he
had come so far to love and free
barely even a princess, she!

At first, the knight did stop and stare
as she stepped out of Dragon’s lair
his first thoughts, unsure, nervous, and blank
until she opened her mouth and spake:

“My deepest thanks, strong knight,” she said,
her eyes melting thanks, her smiling lips red.
“Though truly, you didst but waste you time
coming so far to free a soul like mine.”

The knight felt a pang of shock.
“Why sayest thus?” He asked, afraid.
“Because you came a long, hard way,
to kindly free homely, slow, poor maid.”

She said these words with smile and thanks
her heart flowing with awe and grace
towards her knight, all shining in eyes.
She attempted no enchanting disguise,
and no impressive show or play
for her knight’s love or dismay.

“I am what I am, I’m sorry you came,
to free a homely, foolish dame.
Please forgive the pain I’ve wrought,
I fear I’m not the beauty you sought.”

However, what this girl did not now know,
was that these words struck the killing blow.
It was this grace, and sweet charity,
combined with her honest humility
that completely bought Carlyle’s heart,
Now totally given, and in no part.

Good Carlyle, you see, was also wise
and did not trust in any disguise
of faked beauty, or skin-deep charm,
but instead sought out the very thing
with which his heart she did disarm:
the heart of a daughter of the King.

Carlyle replied with pounding heart:
“Dear lady, your understanding is quite awry
for I see in your eyes the beautiful art
for which thousands of men would fight and die.
Charm is fleeting; skin-beauty fades
but the alluring beauty of grace remains.”

He then further said, “I do not seek
princess proud and selfish, with a streak
of foolish wisdom; but rather still,
give me a sweet and gracious will
of wisdom and meekness: A gentle wife.
For you, sweet girl, I’ll give heart and life.”

With that, of course, her heart was lost
to this wise knight, strong and true.
They married before next winter’s frost
and started a chapter of life anew.
They live still in Carlyle’s court;
joyously happy, full of love,
of the most generous and honest sort
growing in that alluring quality thereof;
an attraction far deeper than eyes can see.

The lesson then? To ladies, take heed:
Seek to build the beauty indeed
that draws true hearts, and wise ones too!
The beauty of grace, wisdom, and true,
sweet kindness and gentility
in service to our God and King.

For this, fair lady, could be such truth!
Think of the time spent on outward face,
if as much time we spend, perfecting youth,
we spent on studying God’s truth and grace.
Truly that is beauty, strong
better than the deepest song
a beauty that remains through years
after suffering, strife and many tears
take away disguise and younger years.
This you should build, a beauty unique
If you want a man of God…for that, they seek.

And to the men: Heed Carlyle’s heart.
For often now our world rips apart,
what true allure and attraction raw
a sweet and gracious heart can draw.

The world’s shallow beauty we often see
sleek, polished bodies, seductive lies
and many an alluring disguise.
And now often forget the beauty, deep
that grows stronger, not weaker, with time.

This, my brothers, let us look past.

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  1. Haha love it! Amusing but with more than a touch of wisdom :)


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