Friday, August 10, 2012

The Called

  Hey guys! I just had a moment of inspiration and threw this together. It's totally unedited as of yet, so I may polish it up, but I wanted to write SOMETHING, since it's been like, forever since I have. xD Anyway, tell me what you think!

                                                                       The Called

Out of the darkness, slowly they’re rising,
the spawn of Hell are called to more.
The wretched worms, in shadows, hiding,
they cannot fight it, they’re calling is sure.

These monstrous men, like animals, biting,
the very Hand that sustains; their black existence,
they scream and hate, lust not subsiding,
until pierced by blinding light, repentance.

Men left in death, for Hell fast riding,
eager to burn in miserable despair;
now suddenly see a new dawn rising,
and now commanded, “I saved you, My heir.”

The Hater’s laugh, now quickly dying,
turns to roar of wrath and despair.
For now he sees, lo, his prey is flying;
casting off cruel nets, without a care.

As light shines in, so painful, blinding,
it cuts away cruel Hater’s plan.
And further still, it’s whitened rays shining,
cuts deep the heart of wretched man.

He suddenly wakes, his heart, now changing,
this worm of heinous sins, being unmade.
And now, behold, a new force is rising!
Dead shadows, back from darkened grave.

My brothers, you see, the Knights are climbing.
Men called back from dead, blackened pits,
to serve and fight a more noble cause,
the murderers, now for justice, fighting.

Unheard. Unseen. Nets aside, they’re casting;
Monsters called back from the brink of death.
Handed swords, with “TRUTH” in blade, engraving,
and commanded, “Now, GO, filled with Life’s true breath.”

Unknown they live, and fight, still rising.
They battle death, and darkness, and he,
who did keep them so long, in suffering,
they also find like wretches, to set free.

God’s Knights you see, His Truth proclaiming,
Men of valor and grace, battling lies;
behold, His Word, God is now fulfilling,
“I will use the shamed, to shame the wise.”

Their greatest quality, nobility, shining,
comes not from strength or glorious fight;
but instead, His beauty, is most blinding,
when shining knight trembles, remembering his plight.

Not strong, not great, but called. Confounding!
These beasts turned legends, in heart and mind,
We think, “Great men, the world they’re lighting!”
When in truth, they are still worms, still blind.

No greater irony: See Darkness battles Light,
than inside of the heart of God’s own Knight.  

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