Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm going to have to cut in to the middle of my heavily theological studies and random subjects to cut in an announcement! Don't worry, those of you who are still interested, I'm getting back to the subject I was working on earlier, after I announce....THIS!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce, Reborn Humanity! A totally new and incredible site that several unknown college students, friends, and godly young people have put together over the past two weeks...for everyone to see! Go take a look!
What's it about? Well the best way to figure out is to click that link up there, but I can give you a quick introduction. In short, Reborn Humanity is a simple site of several of us for a few purposes: To edify, study with, and teach the Bible and truth to each other and others, and also to be a light to the rest of the World Wide Web, though a small one! You'll find there some Bible studies, pages and blogs hosted by certain peoples that probably most of you know of (looks to the CP! crowd), a prayer request and group section, a forum for the purpose entirely of discussing absolutely ANY biblical, apologetic, or godly topic! Feel like God would have you share something to others? Have some insight you'd like to give out? Or maybe just want to start a fun and edifying discussion and/or topic? Go check it out! I promise you, you'll probably like what you see!
Myself, India Aderhold, Hannah McNally, Caleb Blair, and Chris Schultz are the main body of those contributing to it now, some of them you know. But also, for the record...we could use and would be totally glad to have any more site contributors who would want to help! Do you want to be involved too, and have your own page? Participate? Let me know, or us know there on the site, and I can bet ya, we will be glad to have you!
Take a look, please! Ok, now I'll get back to the discussion I was working on before this...look for the next post!

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