Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Worldliness" Exposed - Part 2

Well, for those of you who are still interested in listening to what I've got to say, it's this: I want to tackle all three of these issues separately. I think its a good idea to get them clear.

Lemme see...first off, I wanted to mention "Lust of the Eyes." Ok, so we know based on Scripture that the 'world' we must avoid and not love, is made up of three basic things: Of which this is one. But of course, what are they?
In one word, I'm going to say I believe the lust of the eyes, is materialism. The desire for physical wealth, things you see with your eyes, such as money, land, items, etc. In America especially today, a people like us that is so blessed with such wealth, this is a very hard subject to deal with. You know, the desiring of a really nice car, a better house for yourself, some item that belongs to someone else (coveting)...that in short, is desiring material things with your eyes that either God doesn't want you to have, or you value more than you should. I know this sounds pretty harsh (and don't worry, believe me, this is something I have serious issues with too...), especially to us as Americans in the world we live in. Much is placed in our culture and society on material possessions.
Note: This is not saying that wanting anything at all is lusting with eyes. A man wanting to get a new house for his family to live in, a car so he can get to work and provide for his family, or even just someone looking to upgrade their computer with a better one is hardly sinning. However, its when your possessions actually become a standard measure of your life (i.e., what you hold to be your most valued and important things of your life, or even more important than they should be) We know that God should be our life, and more important, the SOURCE of our life. No material possessions should we count as anything that brings about life, or determines the quality of our lives. Its not wrong to want things, until your life starts being measured by what you possess and use and want, instead of God and His Spirit in you. I hope that makes sense....

....Any thoughts on that one? Next I think we could discuss the lust of a flesh. Please, tell me what you think!

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