Friday, July 16, 2010

I enjoy storms. As I write, outside my window, the sky grows darker by the minute and a black stretch of clouds in the west comes closer, rumbling in warning. Occasionally a crack of thunder rips through the quiet, causing me to look up, my family to pause in their work, and the family dog to jump about two feet.
I can’t explain why I like a good thunderstorm, and have been known to go outside just to walk through the sheets of rain and see the sky light up like the sun and roar with anger. I was told once that a thunderstorm is a tiny example of what God’s holy wrath sounds and feels like. Perhaps then I should take more warning than I do when it comes to enjoying the show.
At any rate, while the storm continues to cover the horizon about me, other storms appear in my life. I speak not just of simple physical storms, but the storms that make up our lives, from the spiritual to the emotional to the mental. It’s no secret that life isn’t perfect, but usually its the ones most beset by the hardest storms that come out the strongest. In which case, I will welcome grimly all my storms.
Up to my neck in schoolwork, ranging from the unforgiving college classes to self-imposed studies of the Bible, languages, music, and plenty of others, not to mention my usual fiction work, at last I’m coming to find my limit of how much I dare attempt, without having to move into my closet for six months of my life as Brad Voeller did. It grows more frustrating to fight through the workload that I have without seeing any apparent light at the end, especially when most of it seems so unnecessary. Never mind. It matters little.
Putting aside mental storms and physical challenges, my walk with God faces new tests and trials that I did not expect to see, with Satan and I admit, my own self sometimes, still attacking. That’s nothing new, but all the same, pray for me. Recently my life, the true source of my life, has been changing for me and my spiritual storm thunders. As I face a few new trials in my Christian life and continue to combat some old ones, its going to get a little harder.
Believe me when I say I’m not complaining or grumbling. Like I said, I should be ready for and welcome these trials, as tests to my faith and strength. But what I am saying is that…this little journal is about to be put on hold for some time.
No, I’m not ceasing to write period, and I still intend to keep up with Spires of Savarica, but I won’t be updating this web blog much for a while. Don’t check back to A Servant’s Journal for a month or two, perhaps longer, until life slows down a bit. The beginning of the beginning has begun, so to speak. I would not have much time to update, and I’m sure you don’t want to read poorly-thought, hastily written posts! Worse than they already are, that is.
So ladies and gentlemen, I shall see you in a little bit! And as a parting gift...
…Alex’s new marching/working/encouragment/get-up-and-keep-moving song!

I warn you, this is good old, typical, familiar, hard ROCK, period. No real spiritual message or unusual theme like my typical taste runs, just a good pumping up song!
And me last parting gift, one of my favorite pictures. You didn’t know one of themes of The Legend of Zelda was human depravity, did you?

Alex's Awesome Pic

That’s me, above, by the way.


  1. Wait! So YOU'RE Link's evil dark side? I KNEW IT!!

  2. Question... where is the song at? I might be blind, but I don't see it :/

    Praying for ya :)


  3. Oh, sorry Indi! Yeah...apparently the link is being stupid, I didn't see that. I apologize for not seeing it till now, I fail. :P
    Here ya go!

    Mwahahahaha! (puts on) (rocks out accordingly)


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