Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Few Articles Of Interest.


LINCOLNTON - With so few real biblical and truth-seeking churches in existence today, it is incredible to hear one of the few functioning Bible churches studying Scripture. That is what happened last night, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM when Lincoln Community Bible Church hosted their weekly Bible Study at the residence of Doug and Laura Clark, members of the church.
Opened with a time of prayer requests and prayer, the some twenty odd people attending commented and discussed the meaning of 1st Peter 3:19-22, and some areas of 4:1-2. The debate was lively and intriguing.
"This is a pretty controversial spot!" Mr. Trae Martin, the leader of the study, commented that night. "This could take some weeks to study in detail."
The topic, which mostly centered on 4:1 and the theology behind suffering and sin, was divided evenly into two camps, with Matthew Brown heading the belief that the verse implicated a physical death and thus ending suffering.
"I read a commentary of MacArthur's on the subject which was pretty convincing." He commented. "He said that this passage was about physical death putting an end to sin, not just temporary suffering." When asked to comment on how that applied to the immediate statement in verse 2 that seemed to contradict the idea, Brown refused to comment.
The other camp, heading the belief that 1st Peter 4:1-2 implicated that suffering in some areas of life actually means a victory over sin in that area of life, was heading by Mr. Steve Bushnell.
"I believe that it's talking about the suffering you experience after being a victor over sin in your life. Like a cause and effect sort of thing, where suffering for doing right implies that the sin is gone."
Martin, the leader, closed the meeting saying that everyone involved would have to do more research and study into the area and then take it up again next week.
Following the Bible study was a group visitation to the local Zaxby for a milkshake, involving the vast majority of the youth members of the study.
"YAY! ICE CREAM!" Was the only comment Raven Ramsey would make on the way there.
With the arrival of three more unexpected members to the party and the lack of car seats at one point, it was apparent that complication might rise on the drive home. John Herson refused to comment when asked if he would ask his girlfriend to sit in the back to make room for one more. He did not. - Alex Reese, 8-12-2010


VALE - Everyone enjoys the delights of fixing broken pipelines and doing plumbing repairs in six inches of mud under the house. But even more than most was Alex Reese when he awoke at 9 AM this morning to repair a large leak in the old copper piping under his home.
"Alright, let's get this party started." He mentioned before crawling into the hole at 9:30 AM this morning, and refused to comment further.
The leak was rather large, but easily fixed by a simple procedure of cutting the copper and replacing it with a three quarter inch coupling that could be applied easily. However Reese was not prepared to discover the other two holes also located on the same pipeline after he had finished repairing the original leak.
"Are you SERIOUS?!" His voice echoed out of the house vents after the pump had been turned on, revealing the leaks.
His sister, Elizabeth, commented, "I think he want's the water turned off."
After more couplings were relayed under the house by means of the air socket into the house, Reese continued patching leaks and once again ordered the water turned on. He found yet another two more leaks, on top of the original three, within the same copper piping as soon as the water nearly blew him away.
He refused to comment further on the state of affairs when asked how repairs went.
Upon climbing back out of the under-house, he announced plainly that the entire section would have to be replaced before any more water could be run. This was greeted with mixed emotions of disgust, bewilderment, and grim acceptance by the authorities.
"Are you sure? The fittings won't work? What went wrong?" Jane Reese, his mother, questioned, but for the most part remained bewildered and somewhat disgusted with the current situation. Elizabeth refused to comment on the situation, and continued playing Facebook games.
Conclusions have been reached that the arrival or Mr. Andy Reese will be required to completely repair the damages later this afternoon. Until then, repair crews have stopped work in disgust. - THE DOG, 8-12-2010


THE LAPTOP - It's not just the brick and mortar college kids that can party the night away and still be able to function in the morning, to the surprise of skeptical, wiser parents. The online college kids can do it too.
A twice-a-week Prayer Group Call was assembled as always on Tuesday night, 8:30 Eastern Standard Time, to bring before the Lord our God the petitions and concerns of His children for one hour. Joining the call was Royal Chaplain Eric Moores, Grand Master of Audio Jonathan Wunrow, Royal Queen Hannah Mackey, and Countess India, among others.
Upon the formal asking and reporting in of volunteer personel that night, India replied, "MEMEMEMEMEMEME!" Sir Mac, upon his arrival 30 minutes later, did not comment.
When asked if they would join, Grandmother Ashlea shrugged and mentioned she had tons of schoolwork to do. She remained on Skype IM for the following 4 hours after the Prayer Call had ended.
The call went until 9:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, with Emily Sanders closing.
The following conversation involved Moores, India, Wunrow and Sanders as they discussed plans in general for the up-and-coming student conference in Ohio at the Sanders' residence.
Also the talk involved square dancing and in which Wunrow nearly proposed to someone after commenting his requirement to find a wife within the next following months.
"So, yeah...I guess I'll have to start looking." He mentioned. After some appearance of proposing, Countess India left the conversation on the grounds of being disturbed, followed by an apology of those concerned.
"We sowwy." Wunrow offered. India did not comment further.
Later that night upon the arrival of Countess Rochella Tauer and Karsten Wolf into the voice call, some members immediately dropped out of ninety-five percent of the voice call at the exact moment of their arrival. Most claimed that due to sleeping families, it was impossible to continue further. Mr. Wolf left soon after he found that only Reese and various ghosts remained upon his arrival.
"Thanks guys. Thanks a lot." Reese commented. He refused to comment further on their apologies and explanations.
Around 12:30 AM Jedi Master Jeth Calark arrived, whispering as he did so. When asked why he was whispering, he mentioned various explanations about proximity to elderly sleepers. However he continued talking through the entire conversation.
When asked about her affiliations with Paramore and Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, Tauer did not make a comment.
"Sorry, I didn't catch that." She offered and said nothing more.
Upon termination of the call at nearly 1:30 AM, India hurriedly urged the Jedi Master not to resume the call. Tauer took the opportunity to escape, and not only that, but to inform them that she was escaping so that she did not escape.
This was followed by the immediate leaving of all parties involved. The next day, Wunrow asked in a tone of concern, "Why did you kick me out? Now I can't respond to what Emily told Kar!" Reese refused to comment. - THE LAPTOP, 8-12-2010


  1. *can't stop laughing* Also, I now know Rochella's last name.....

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