Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Venturing Far and Wide

The past weekend was far beyond describing! It was without a doubt the best weekend I've had all year, I don't think I've had such an encouraging, uplifting, enjoyable and all around fun time in...well, I have no idea when!
I spent the past week staying with some college friends in Ohio, for a massive student gathering there as Collegeplus! students came from far and wide to have fun and encourage each other, and even get the chance to work a few community projects such as helping repair a church building and holding our own impromptu worship service! The trip was absolutely fantastic, I would go again next week if I could. Thank God that there's still some God honoring, Christ-minded college students out there!

The Airport

We flew into Dayton Ohio on Thurday, and left Monday.

The Crew

Our Worship Service

At any rate, you get the idea. It was a blast, and I was blessed to go. Now, all that remains is 3 college papers, two work schedules and a filming project to be worked on. Please pray that I don't drown, if you would. God bless!


  1. Don't drown! I'm praying. :)
    I found mounds of work to finish when I came back too. Ah, well it was fun while it lasted, eh? ;D

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for putting up pics!

  3. sneaks in...

    MAN, one of the things on my 'Must do sometime in my life, hopefully soon' list is GO TO AN OFFICIAL CP! GET-TOGETHER!!! I have such an awesome time hearing from ya'll and seeing pics when you get back... I can't imagine what it would be like to BE there. XP


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