Sunday, October 17, 2010

Majorly Overdue Post...and a Bible Study!

Heya guys! Wow...long time! I apologize, life has been somewhat hectic of late, though of course that's no excuse. But, I have something to make up for my lack of good posts! Other than a promise to post more often in the future, that is.

Recently me and some friends, college kids I know, put together an experimental effort to host a group Bible Study online, via the wonderful online Skype program, and not only that, but purely in an experimental fashion...we recorded it! Audio format! How cool is that? This would be the first Bible Study that we have put together in recorded format, about as good as it gets without actually being personally together. I HIGHLY encourage to listen to it! Roughly it runs about two hours (yeah, I know, we are serious about our Scripture studies), with each half being about an hour. It's divided into two halves, so....go for it! And if you care to listen, let me know how you liked it! Feedback is always very highly appreciated and very valuable.

Out Study in James Chapter Three:

First Half:

Second Half:

Other than that, a great deal is new! I have been working with Collegeplus! as a Prep Advisor for about two months now, and honestly, I enjoy it very much! It's definitely my kind of job, working with about 60 middle/early highschool students and teaching them Logic Skills and Christian Worldviews. Since I'm hoping to be a Bible Teacher some day, I see it as a good chance to learn how to teach somewhat. And I will say...that there isn't really a less articulate, more insecure and more shy audience than a collection of slightly uncomfortable fourteen year olds. But...God willing, I can teach them what they need to know, or part of it! He has definitely been the One who got me in this position, almost I know I'm here for a reason, and He has plans for me here.

...Moving continues. We are currently in the process of moving 30 mins down the road into a small town, as opposed to our rural country home that we've enjoyed for 10 years. I will be sad to leave it...but, God's will be done. For financial reasons, we simply had no other option, so it was pretty apparent that we have to. It's been going smoothly though...and I will say, it will be nice to be closer to a town. I can walk down the road to the store anytime I please now! How awesome is that?! (Yes, the random insanity of a sheltered country homeschooler, perhaps? Tis fun!)

Other than that, the only thing new is that my finals week for News Writing and Elements of Intercultural Communication (Try to say that five times fast if you have times on your hands!) is here! One last final paper, and one last final test...and then (for the moment) freedom! Only one more class this year! Please pray that I do well, if you could. I would appreciate it...especially in Intercultural Comm. It is difficult to deal with much of the secular post-modern themes of the class sometimes.
God bless you all!

OH yes, P.S. ...if you care for pretty piano music, check out the piece that I'm learning to play! Just because, well...everyone likes music, right?

Farewell, ladies and gentlemen.

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