Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bends In The Road

Well, ladies and gents, it seems that life is about to take a major change! I suppose it has been some time since I updated on my life again, and seeing as some very interesting, unusual, and actually important events might be happening soon, it would definitely be a wise idea to inform you guys what exactly is going on. Also, it will save me the time of explaining it multiple times, because…well to be blunt, this is hard to explain.
To begin with, I know I mentioned before that I am no longer working for CollegePlus!, and God has definitely made it clear He did not want me pursuing that path at the moment. As I began looking for a new job, God, in His wonderful, mysterious way, opened up the door I am going through now. I may be gone for a while.
We shall see, I suppose. I’m going to be leaving, at least, leaving North Carolina and the opportunities here to take up a traveling job and work in areas from Chicago to San Diego. My uncle recently offered me the best offer I got while job searching, hands down, and allowed me to go to work as soon as I could possibly arrive, all good signs. He, Tom, owns a small contracting/supervising company that is often contracted out by various cities, states, and occasionally organizations, to set up either temporary locations or events, even sometimes building projects. I’m looking very much forward to it. We would be traveling to varying cities and areas to set up rallies, build temporary or complete projects, and occasionally supervise city events. It should be interesting, at least!
I’m not sure how long I will be gone…perhaps till Thanksgiving, perhaps later. It really depends on when and where I want to take breaks and return and if I care to work long there. I definitely need to work at least through this year…though I doubt it will be a long term job. Either way, it will be good experience, a good opportunity to learn and witness, and I hope I will be used for God’s glory here. Regardless, nothing else has come up, so it looks as though I have no choice! God’s will be done. I will fly out to Chicago tomorrow, and from there work where I’m sent.
Well, with that brief update, I must run! I hope to posting here much more in the near future, God willing. Perhaps some pictures will go up soon! There is much to do. In the meantime, pray for me. Thank you.

Phil. 4:13


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