Sunday, August 7, 2011

What It Is To Be A Knight

Being a true, chivalrous knight of old means the highest of callings. It is truly the greatest rank of good men, the strongest warriors, and the level to which we should aspire. The strongest of places and the place of heroes, the kind of men who are the light and salt of the world, the lights in the darkness, and the unwavering flames that point the direction in which wretched humanity should go. And as such, it requires the highest commitment, the greatest level of discipline, and the immeasurable grace of God.

It means being humble and wise, lowly of heart and willing to learn. Those who will not learn will not survive, and those without humility are the proud whom God opposes. It means being open to knowledge, wisdom, and the willingness, even the passion, to learn and discover the truth.

It means learning when and how to use the sword, when it is necessary. It means knowing the meaning of what it is to maim, and if necessary, kill a human being like yourself. It means realizing the importance of human life. Killing and fighting to protect the innocent. To defend the weak. To safeguard and at all costs, shield the women and children. And, on rare occasion and God willing, to dispense justice and God’s own wrath on evil.

It means never, ever harming or endangering a woman or lady, and most especially, the daughters of the Most High King. It means holding a lady in the highest respect and honor, treating her with all purity and selflessness, whether she deserve it or no. It means never touching a woman for selfish gain, or using biting words or actions against her. It means defending and protecting the weaker, more beautiful vessel of humanity. It means dying in her defense and considering that death a privilege indeed.

It means defending the truth, and shining alight for the dying world to see, and leading by example, by faith, by word and by deed. It means knowing the truth, finding and searching for the truth, and then faithfully committing to the truth. It means being wise enough to discern lies from truth, reading the Scriptures, examining yourself, and having no bias or flawed opinion. It means constantly studying for the Truth, and constantly standing by it unwaveringly.

It means being completely fearless in the face of the enemy. No matter how great the numbers or the strength of your adversary, fighting and standing without fear or waver against the tide. No matter the greatest challenge posed, or the most heavy burden placed upon you, it means standing steadfast in any fight, any challenge, or any trial, and never surrendering. It means fearing none but God alone. And as such, it means fighting, hurting, agonizing, and if God wills, dying without complaint or a word. It means standing fearlessly in the face of human opinion, or physical harm, or mockers and the hatred of the world. It means being selfless.

It means fearlessly standing by the truth. Defending the weak and innocent. Protecting the children, and honoring the lady with the highest standard. It means seeking the truth and standing by it, dying without a word in its defense when occasion arises.

But above all these things, it means being a dedicated, unmoving, humble servant of the Almighty God and Jesus Christ. It means committing heart, sword, mind, and soul to His service, His glory, and His Only Son. It means being a bright flame for all to see these things. It means following Him no matter the cost. In the face of loss of love and friends, of human respect and charity, the loss of home and material gain, comfort, and great trial and pain, it means giving Him everything. And, in the end, dying for His glory, by sword, sickness, or slow age. It means complete sacrifice, total commitment to these things.

So then, when all these things take place, it means being an example to all around you, serving and loving God and fellow man, standing out bravely, strongly, and passionately.

So then, the truest, greatest victory and purpose of a knight is when men look at him, in life or death, they say, ‘This was a man who changed and inspired the people around him.’ This, I believe, is what it us to be a knight and prince of the King, a son of the Most High God.


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