Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Gray Day...Nothing Interesting.

I can so totally see future novel ideas coming out of this one... this looks like a place I wouldn't mind traveling. Ach, too bad its already used by some game...doesn't anyone think up their own original work anymore? Maybe it'll make a good setting...

Now this looks like an absolutely KILLING villain...

Yeah, this is how my mind works...a few cool pictures, a good, epic fantasy music piece, and I can already see a novel coming. Sad, isn't it?

...I sighed at myself, at about 10:30 PM at night, as I looked over the hastily sketched schedule in my mind and how much of it had passed the day uncompleted. School, finished. Optional studies, put off until tomorrow. Exercise, somewhat. Writing, little or none. Music, a little, enough to keep in shape. A little bit of extra reading, and at last, my copy of "Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis had finally arrived, to my joy. Read about a quarter of it that afternoon. All in all, a fairly good, but unproductive day...which meant it was a bad day.
With a slow sigh, I closed the book, and shook my head, sitting up on the bed. Argh, all the fire in my work seemed to have merely died, or vanished. I was just slugging along with the bare minimum again, to my disgust, instead of pressing ahead like I could be doing.
I smiled wryly. Don't tell Brett and Alex Harris.
I should be writing, I mused inwardly as I pounded out "Croatian Rhapsody" and "Amaras Scroll One:Overture" on the slightly old and out-of-tune piano, making yet another mental note to work on it in the near future. Why was it my work seemed to have just slowed?
Maybe I needed a new story outlook. Perhaps that was it, grab some entirely new plotline or idea that would catch on fire again, an idea from any random picture of piece of music even...
With a grunt, I dismissed the idea. Unless it could be worked into a current story, I wasn't even going to try to start any more. Three current manuscripts at a time was my limit, a series novel, a short novel, and a weekly-posted blog story. More than enough.
I sighed and got up from the piano, and was about to disappear into my small little sanctuary of a room when the family dog crept by, under my piano stool. Hearing the quick tapping of claws on the floor, I glanced over quickly at the small animal, my sister's dog mostly, I suppose. Just before slinking around the corner it turned, as if caught in the middle of some mistake, and gave me a look.
I grinned. "Boo."
The dog abruptly vanished, like the wind. I chuckled and turned, disappearing into my room.
Maybe I just needed a a long, serious one...not just these weekend day or two of absolutely nothing, but a whole week...ach, what I wouldn't do for a car and license, and a chance to just disappear on South Mountain for a week, with a tent and a few notebooks for drawing and a hiking trail.
Again, I shook my head. That wasn't it. You couldn't just go and take a break when you felt like it. Deal with it, Alex! I growled. Life is hard! No, I didn't need a break, per say...however nice it would be.
"Maybe I'm just slacking it off." When I tried to come up with an outline for the next chapter in "The Black Gate," my mind had nothing but a blank. A writer's hated enemy, a blank mind. Better a mind that's exploding with too many ideas than a blank one.
Ach, what was wrong? Disgusted, I made for the door, deciding to go walk outside for a bit. Enough of this, perhaps it would wear off by tomorrow. As I strode out of the back door and glanced up at the lazy, gray and low hanging sky, it seemed to come down even further. A glimpse of spring would be nice too.
Maybe I'll have it all back tomorrow morning, I mused.


  1. Just curious, but do you not know how to make clickable HTML links in your blog post?

    And cheer up. I've had those days before. Consider getting some outdoor activity and sunshine. That will help more than you know.

  2. (shrug) Never bothered with it, just copy/pasted the links themselves and went on, lol. I'll look into it.


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