Friday, January 22, 2010

Repentance Quoting

I know it, my last excuse for a belated blog post was absolutely horrible, so I'm going to make up for it by posting again, and perhaps with something a little more interesting. For those of you who suffered through the last one, you have my congrats and my apologies. Just forget that one.

It was early this morning, 9 PM, when I was flipping through the pages of "The Deadliest Monster" by Baldwin when I was supposed to be doing more constructive things such as exercising or studying. Since I had picked it up last week however, I hadn't been able to put it down! The excellent work was full of information, and one thing in particular that interested me...worldviews. Seeing the perspectives of others. I still find it interesting and even amusing to see what others see.
As I began the final chapter, the rain distantly spattering on the window just outside as the gray clouds hung low overhead, I ran into an odd quote, from a fairly well-known man,

"Shall I sue for mercy? Come, come, let me be a man to the last." -Lord Byron, on his death bed

This struck me, and I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow in curiosity at the statement. It was no secret that Byron was no believing man, rather was a sort of pre-humanist, I suppose, believing that humanity was really a good, noble race. As assumption that is entirely wrong, I'm afraid. That in itself wasn't what really I found interesting though...Lord Byron was hardly the first man to refuse faith on his death bed. It was when he claimed he would be 'a man to the last.' That was so ironic it was almost funny...for that he was. A mere man, unfortunately, to the last, without fail. He had the chance, and freely admitted it, to plead for mercy, to beg forgiveness before his death. And refused. Apparently he considered himself good enough, 'man enough,' to go to whatever afterworld he believed in at any rate.
What an irony, and a common one, sadly. What a wretched evil it is to be "man to the last..."

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