Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Greatest Legend...On The Screen.

The glinting figure, crouched low in the light saddle as he flew out of the canyon and out onto the vast Hyrule Field below, wore a look of urgent concentration...and a little cold rage. He never had been one to grow angry or fume and fight madly even in the hottest battles...but the hard, grim, deadly anger towards evil he bore was always chilling. Especially when the figure wore a Triforce, birth-marked onto his left hand, and also usually held a sword in that hand.
The golden and green flats of Hyrule Field, north of Kakariko Village, seemed to radiate the warm, glorious feeling of the Hylian countryside. Trees wafted lazily in the sunny breeze, and the flat plain seemed mostly abandoned. The glittering spires of Hyrule Castle, which could usually be seen from anywhere in Hyrule, sparkled in the distance, to the west...from underneath a cloud of twilit shadow.
The green-clad rider galloped out hurriedly onto the plains, where sitting upon one of the smaller rises was sitting what he had been chasing, the raider of the village. The Moblin chief.
Moblins in general were usually somewhat like goblins, only they rode across sunny plains in broad daylight, unlike the horrid green skinned monsters that preferred to lurk in the darkness. Bearing clubs, bows, and arrows tipped with fire, they had become, sadly, common foes upon the grassy countryside.
However, Link this time rode faster than even usual to battle the chief...they had met before. When it was another, more familiar village that the chief had raided.
As he rode up within twenty yards of the great Moblin chief, he slowed and stopped, Epona as always perfectly still and unstrained. The chief of the riding Moblins was even bigger than the usual ones, and his covering in iron armor certainly added to his size...and as was their way, the moblin rode with his red banner in front, its blood red color waving in the sunlight atop the hill crest.
Link stopped, his cold, unmoving gaze never straying from the red-eyed face of the enemy three times his size and riding what was some twisted kind of a massive boar. Naturally no horse of any kind would allow such a moblin to sit on it. The boar, that was twice as big as Epona alone, snorted.
Link looked up and his gaze was shocked a little when he saw what he had been chasing. The young boy, a young, blue-eyed, ragged child from the village, had been knocked unconscious...and roped to the top of the moblin's banner. He hung tied to the rough wood, like a prize...
The moblin, seeing Link's slight shock and returning cold, grim anger, laughed heavily underneath his clanking armor, and beckoned with one metal hand.
Link nodded coolly. He drew his sword. "Let him go."
The moblin only laughed again, and suddenly kicked his heels into his pig-like mount, causing it to roar and leap away, surprisingly fast. Though Link held his decent sword in hand, the moblin king used his massive mace atop his growling mount, a far worse challenge.
Link was about to give chase, galloping hard after, when the sound of a raw horn ripped through the air, causing the very countryside, pretty as it was around them, to shudder with the sound. Link whirled about. That had come from the moblin king, blowing his horn...
...The sounds of pursuit, a moblin force that had been hiding on the far end of the valley, suddenly reached his ears. It had been a trap. When half a dozen more moblin riders, all riding their tusked boar mounts, Link's face twisted for half a second in surprise and anger. An unexpected play.
He said not a word, but suddenly kicked Epona into a gallop, and took off, flying across the plains, in pursuit of the moblin chief. Fire arrows whistled overhead as the pursuit broke cover of the trees and rode out onto the plains, in pursuit of the lone, swordsman rider.

...As I watched the clip for about the sixth time, he had to sit back in satisfaction. The world setting, perfect. Flawless, creative, beautifully illustrated, and most importantly...cunning and unexpected. How many people had ever seen a castle covered in a shade of twilit cloud? The characters, perfect. The cast was incredible, from Link, to the Dark Lord Ganon, to the legendary Princess Zelda. Personalities portrayed to a point, and that was putting aside the host of others. And naturally, the storyline was purely epic. Knights and knightly heroes were nothing new to fantasy, of course, but...Link was hardly a knight, any more than Zelda was an ordinary princess or Ganon a typical overlord. Not many princesses stood in front of their castle doors with a sword in hand when their last home was invaded, and not many a sorcerer villains could be executed with a sword, flung into a twilit world in another dimension, and left to be unmade...and STILL come back alive, let alone more powerful than ever! Original, AND classic! Two thumbs up for the Legend of Zelda!
After making yet another mental note on the prices of replicas of The Master Sword and how much it would cost me on some future date, and sighed grimly and got up. Enough fan fiction. Back to work.
And that, ladies and gents, is may one and only page of fan fiction for the year. Though normally I don't care for fan written fiction, I'll make an exception for the awesome-est story of the decade. This once.


  1. Not so sure that is considered fan-fiction in the sense of the word....can't think of the right word for what you wrote. A homage, perhaps? Anyways, much interesting!

  2. Oh whatever, Jedi. Mere technicalities ;) It was totally cool to read! Almost makes me want to play the actual game someday ... but not quite.


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